Buyer Services

Our company will provide a full comprehensive support and advisory service. From asset search (usually offmarket), comparisons, to acquisition assistance. Where relevant, we have professional advisors referral services to support our clients in their acquisitions.


From developing to project management, from rentals to ongoing property management, our company can assist in providing the advice and expertise where appropriate, as well as introducing experienced and vetted providers for our clients' complete peace of mind

Seller Services

Getting a property to sell quickly and for a favorable price takes industry knowledge, marketing skills, and a wide network. Our company can assist with selling directly and privately to our database of institutional and professional investors. Where required, we work with the best agents of the local market

Our Team & Our Commitment

iNGenious Investments provide country and city research, property cycle research as well as macroeconomic overview for all residential markets we cover. Our real estate services are bespoke to our clients' needs.

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